Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Sprites Delight

Nature, all-consuming; endless, without bounds.
A fantasy of colors, weaving in and out...
WaterFalling, a rain forest, the green growth of Spring
a spectrum of Light, a myriad of cartoon color therapy~
and, hidden in the details (where God lives)
is my little icon...Species 300.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Species 300

My little icon...
At the beginning, I used every material I could find.
Tracing paper, poster board, canvas, Beinfang...
One day I grabbed some corrugated cardboard.
I spread my acrylics all over-chakra colors I told myself.
They soaked into the surface.

My process includes digital documentation.
To my surprise, while carefully reviewing my acrylic,
my eyes focused on a silvery profile;
the Creature of the Black Lagoon,
an alien squinting back at me, curious at being discovered.

I had to crop the image
and make it as distinct as possible.
Species 300...my little icon.


Nature has a way of weaving in and out of my life.
Dew drops magnify hidden worlds,
evoking images of sugarplums and fairies....
pixies and sprites...

Not all my images have this cellophane-quality
suggesting there's more than meets the eye-

For sure, I delight at the idea of dancing leprechauns in green and tiny cherubs baring all
to the morning sun.

White Deer of Autumn

The starkness of winter after the harvest; an indian woman
kneels, amid a flurry, preparing a feast for the village.