Saturday, April 7, 2012

A Winter's Tale

Ice crystals and carrolers,
glass ornaments and a hint of Olde England...
a jolly red evergreen; thus,
"A Winter's Tale"
(11 Feb. 2012)

Spring Awakening

Easter and Passover seem to be a good reason to re-connect.
This image, also a crop from my Original acrylic, is quite different
from all previous work and is the first image to be digitally altered.
Only the color and hues have been altered from the original painting.
In tribute to the sculptor, Giacometti, I look to minimalism to see which hues reveal the most information;and here I see success in the
revelation of
the amythyst-robed figure floating effortlessly
above the Early Spring garden barely noting two lovers embrace
in the lower right corner.