Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Childhood Dreams

Thank Goodness for 2011 and all the new energies..... This image is for Marisa who celebrated her 15th birthday in October; which gave me the idea to channel an acrylic for someone other than me! The original is far from colorful, but once it's digitally documented and studied, I find all sorts of imagery appear on my monitor.
Thanks, Marisa, I really enjoy this image!


  1. Hi Linda:
    My name is Marcy. Chris was talking about you and your artwork . I find everything to be amazing.

    I am scrutinizing the Childhood Dreams work of art.

    I have to say .. I see a 1000 different images planted in your artwork. You know like when you look at clouds you can see all sorts of images.

    And all the images change from one second to the next.
    I will tell you some things I see... but there are too many to write about.

  2. First thing I see when I look at the painting is a large animal facing left on the left side of the picture.
    It looks like a camel ..or deer or llama , the animal has a horn spiking up to the middle of the artwork. .
    The animal has a "ring" in it's nose...It is black and his nose is black.. it is smiling like only a camel can do. and has a black scar on it's cheek. It has a little toothy grin like it is smiling.
    on the left in the bottom corner I se a woman buxom, with long red hair wearing a red skirt and with some kind of huge gun. pointing at a white angel kid carring some candle or something.then under the white angel child I see 3 people running the woman is wearing a long white gown and the husband is turned around looking at her she has a baby in blue on her arm.. and her mother is turned around looking at them both.
    directly alongside of them is some man in a crescent shape flying into them. There are more people alongside the road seem to be surrering. the man and woman are following a "road" which looks like "whitewater" going into some cave... or something.

    Anyway I see more ... more and more things in the painting... but I don't have time now to explain.